Welcome to Dev Ritual – A bog dedicated to turning the jobless, bored, underpaid developer into a lean mean money making coding machine.

Going through a technical interview process can be disheartening and a lot of times embarrassing, even for experienced programmers.

If you’ve ever gotten an automated email saying thanks but no thanks after three month of interviewing, then you know what I mean.

As a self-taught developer I know the sting of rejection better than most.

I’ve been called a “fake developer” in interviews, twice! By two different companies.

I was once asked to sort an unsorted binary tree during an interview, have the interviewer leave as I watched him laughing with his friends outside the window. Later I googled binary tree and learned that a binary tree by definition is always sorted. The joke was on me.

I was told flat out by one CTO that, “It’s too much work to bring on a non CS grad…” And that I should, “consider going back to get a four-year degree.”

Despite all this, after three years out of professional experience I’ve nearly tripled my salary, work 30% less, and work from home half of the time.

I’ve had more time and more money to do the things I love in life with the people I cherish and I’ve built some awesome stuff in the process.

That’s what Dev Ritual is all about, getting the most out of a great career writing code.

I blog about job hacks for the lazy developer. And I’m obsessed with studying the marketing strategies of our field to find the best contracts with the smallest amount of effort.

Because you never get paid on how well you can code. Just on how much you can leverage.

Thanks so much for being a part of the Dev Ritual community!